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Reconnect with Your Body Through Somatic Healing

Experience Profound Healing by Addressing the Physical Manifestations of Trauma

At Nuna Holistic Retreat Center, we recognize that trauma and stress can be stored in the body, manifesting as physical symptoms or chronic pain. Our Somatic Healing programs are designed to help you release this stored tension, reconnect with your bodily sensations, and restore your body’s natural balance and resilience.

What is Somatic Healing? Somatic healing focuses on the body’s physical response to trauma and stress. It involves body-based approaches that help you become aware of bodily sensations and release physical manifestations of trauma, leading to holistic well-being.

Benefits of Somatic Healing:

  • Release of physical tension and chronic pain
  • Increased body awareness and mindfulness
  • Improved emotional regulation and resilience
  • Enhanced connection between mind and body
  • Greater overall health and vitality

Our Approach: We offer a range of somatic healing techniques tailored to support your unique journey:

  • Somatic De-Armoring Experience™: A body-focused therapy that helps release trauma stored in the body.
  • Body Awareness Exercises: Practices that enhance your connection to bodily sensations.
  • Bioenergetics: Techniques that release tension with energy flow and physical movement.
  • Somatic Bodywork: Professional massage to relax muscles and release stored trauma.
  • Movement Therapies: Yoga, dance, and other movement-based practices that promote physical and emotional healing.

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