Lucia Gabriela created a safe space for me to let go of painful memories and trauma that controlled my feelings, she taught me methods to see and understand what lessons my shadows were trying to show me, plus how not to be triggered by old thought patterns. Finally, I learned to create boundaries and communicate them.

Overall, I feel much more grounded and have more clarity regarding my emotions and actions in relationships. I have gained insight into intimacy and communication with partners and potential partners. I have also been able to leave past trauma behind.

Lucia Gabriela is authentic, honest, caring, and empowering. I would recommend my coach to anyone who wants to find happiness within and improve their most important relationships.

Joe C.

Lucia Gabriela has helped me release a lot of old energy, have less negative and self-doubt thoughts, and I have continued to remember who I am.

Lucia Gabriela held space for me to question my thoughts and beliefs, understanding my triggers, and working with my inner archetypes. Because of it, I accept all parts of me rather than change the parts I don't like.

I am more confident in who I am. I am more organized and grounded. I am more in my own energy because of my ability to create boundaries. I have the confidence to set boundaries into place and own them. I am a lot more in my power! My romantic relationship is more intimate and intentional; I am better at communicating with my partner too.

Lucia Gabriela is bold, confident, unapologetic, caring! I would recommend Lucia's work to anyone who needs help with setting boundaries and discovering who they truly are. Someone who is feeling lost and lacks clarity. Anyone who is looking for real no-fluff soul growth. Someone who needs a bold woman to look up to.


I reached out to Lucia Gabriela to remove romantic blocks, find clarity, and define boundaries. During our work together, I have noticed that overall I am more positive and less critical about situations and myself, and I feel more optimistic about what will come next, rather than being afraid of it.

Working on my relationship blocks, I have achieved some essential steps such as: discovering tools to find clarity in certain areas, gaining confidence in some areas that before I felt I didn't really deserve, being able to set a clear plan for my day that feels right and is the most productive, getting better at defining boundaries, and noticing where I need to set boundaries more.

Lucia Gabriela is caring, knowledgeable, patient, and passionate about the work. I recommend Lucia Gabriela to anyone who isn't afraid to dig deep.


I began working with Lucia after my second marriage failed.
Having been physically verbally emotionally and sexually abused growing up, I was unable to feel real intimacy. While successful professionally, I was trapped in the shame and isolation personally.
I had tried traditional cognitive therapies, hypnosis, and other therapies, but could not move forward.
My work with Lucia has allowed me to let go of the old beliefs that have held me back. Her energy work, and her help in understanding my shadows have allowed me to feel healing on a level that I have not felt in over 25 years.
Lucia has been a true blessing. I am happier than I have ever been. I have felt intimacy and blissful sex for the first time in my life. I am so thankful to have found her!


I received a Blissful Awakening session with Lucia as a gift from a dear friend. I had asked my friend for help at this important juncture in my life and the healer appeared in the form of Lucia. I knew this gift would be transformational and trusted the process that would unfold. In a few rich hours of exploration and play with Lucia, I was lifted to a new level. All the feelings of disconnection and low-grade perpetual sadness made sense. With her gift of knowing, she walked me into a conversation with the various parts of me (archetypes). These parts had a group discussion and we were able to create collective capacity for positive core change. Some may call this “integration.”

The increased awareness brought lightness to my spirit and my body felt more rooted in the powerful feminine. I see the path forward and Lucia has given me the tools to be my own guru. #bestgiftever

Leslie H.

I wish you could know how many times since the workshop we have reaped the benefits of what you teach (Lucia) !! We will work to be your best advocates! We look forward to our next opportunity to meet with you, to develop & grow in a more positive energy and with a better understanding of how powerful ‘Tantric Awareness’ can take you if you’re open & ready. Once again thank you! We’re really looking forward to connecting again!

Alexis, Couples' workshop

Lucia was able to help me understand I am not responsible for everyone. Helping me to rewrite the story of the past in my mind so that I am not seeing it as a failure. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since working with Lucia has been my mood and mindset is 100% different and improved. I can attract anything in life with positivism. The most significant overall change I have noticed has been my general demeanor and understanding of my self has lead to new abilities such as patience and empathy for others and this was not something I was able to do before.

Lucia is a happy, fun, energetic woman who has the ability to see things in us that we don't want to admit or allow ourselves to feel. I recommend Lucia  to anyone who can come in honestly ready and open to do work on themselves.

W. Smith

Lucia Gabriela has been remarkable in drawing things out of me that I didn't realize or refused to admit to, as no other therapist has been able to do. Lucia Gabriela helped me to shake things up in my life, remove blocks, and find myself. Working with Lucia Gabriela, I am confident, celebrate myself, and have a new positive and optimistic vision of my future.


My coach (Lucia Gabriela) was able to help me work toward my goals of being a better communicator by holding space and creating a safe container by listening and mediating within the relationship.

Tara , (Private Couple's Weekend)

I came to see Lucia to explore the motives behind decisions I was making in my relationship. I knew I needed to tap into a new energy, but was unsure as I had been creating distractions to avoid the work and my honesty. I needed a guide to help me see what was hidden. Lucia is a transformative healing light, illuminating the beauty of what we are afraid to see, and subsequently is so nourishing! She is a skilled practitioner with real world personal power and authentically guided me to a healing truth as naturally and comfortably as I breathe. She is a woman who can open a door to joy because she is joyful at every level. Her blissful awakening session is named just so because that is the result!

Michelle, Entrepreneur

While I have benefited since my teen years from therapists who have counseled me through crisis, loss, depression and anxiety, I found Lucia Gabriela’s approach refreshing and immediate. Psychological trauma for me meant the disenfranchisement of my need for intimacy, a journey inward, and so, for the most part, I have walked this world alone—something having a therapist to open up to partially, but never fully, addressed. In the spirit of “the right person at the right time,” I finally approached Lucia, who I understood to be a life-coach in matters of intimacy and spirituality. Today’s therapeutical models are mostly behavioral and data-driven. Funding depends on achieving measurable results. This equates psychological progress to issues like employability and access to social services, which no doubt serves a sizeable percentage of clients very well and prevents them from falling through the proverbial cracks. In this respect, therapy forms a critical weave in the social safety net. Unfortunately, for some of us, this means never really addressing our greatest need, which is existential rather than practical. Jungian therapy for me represented the most engaging and successful course of treatment I have undertaken; however, depth psychology is an expensive treatment, and its costs are deferred neither by traditional health insurance nor Medicaid. Despite its success and the progress I made, I wasn’t able to go very far. Less than five minutes into my first conversation with Lucia she honed in on a very particular traumatic event which had altered the course of my life some 40 years ago and negatively affected and even determined every relationship I’ve been in, since. I was surprised and frankly grateful at how easily and quickly she understood the foundational issues I’ve struggled with most, issues of sexual intimacy, eroticism and wholeness. Lucia spoke directly to my true self, my inner self, that part of me that thirsted for an ear so that it could find its voice. I felt safe, I felt respected—even honored—and, best of all, I was given “homework” that employed my life’s greatest passion, writing, to revisit my trauma, and reawaken the lost and neglected parts of myself that had been so damaged so very long ago. Attendant to this work was the recognition on her part of a spiritual dimension, very real to me, involving an almost Miltonian separation from the holy grail, the élan vital of my very soul. All these years, I’ve been but limping along, but I feel in my gut that Lucia will teach me to dance!


I had many wonderful experiences at this past weekends retreat hosted by Lucia! Every day was set forth with a centering meditation session that was very calming to my soul.Then it is outside to practice yoga the under the canopy of of many large trees. While the wind sang a one note song, I could feel my mind and body working together in perfect harmony. The vegetarian lunches to fallow were delicious.Working through the rest of day one with careful guidance,and coaching I came to know whom I had become in my life.When activating and grounding our healing tools, and healing crystals, I could see change would be soon to come. Participating in a sacred burning ceremony that evening was a great release of of my past being, and prepared me for whom I would be from this day forth. As we put together the various insights of who I am, and who I am going to be going to be, I realized that Lucia had opened my mind,body, and soul to see what I could not see on my own. Thank You Lucia!!!

Jason S.

Lucia Gabriela is an inspirational woman of many talents, she is a spiritual coach, Red Tent event facilitator, fantastic cook of organic meals, massage therapist, Reiki master and the Goddess of Orgasmic love! She has electric personality that will help you to ignite your fire within!

Lucy Sky

Lucia is a professional in all aspects of her services that she offers. I really enjoy her Love Circles, group coaching. She has a loving way of guiding and offering helpful suggestions to improve your situation.

Carolyn J. 

Lucia is the most caring person I think I have ever met. She is truly gifted and able to understand how to help someone regain happiness and well being.

Joel F. 

Lucia is an incredible healer and spiritual guide who has committed her life to healing others. As a continuing visitor to her, I have seen the results of energetic healing that guides us to live in our full potential. Come to Lucia Gabriela and explore your energetic potential.

Warren T.

Thanks again for your wonderful advice, it was exactly what I needed. Nobody has ever made me feel that way before, you are are amazing at what you do and very special to me now. I will never forget that talk.

Luke P.

An amazing, loving woman who is so gifted in her many offerings. Always a pleasure having her hold her love circle meditations in my store The Crystal Cave.

Susan M. 

Ran into Lucia at the tea house a few weeks ago where she was administering love reiki. I was under some personal duress and the experience left me much more peaceful. She stated that my power chakra was out of whack. She was helpful in helping me take the first steps towards healing.

Meghan H. 

Attended a Red Tent event at Lucia's sacred love temple. It was a truly special experience. She shared with us a beautiful and welcoming atmosphere. She found a way to help us relax and open to ourselves so that we could enjoy an activating experience. I won't go into details as every Red Tent is different. However this is an experience you do not want to miss! Lucia is an incredible and life changing woman.

Heather R.

Lucia creates such a welcoming and comfortable environment to explore in and to tap into your higher self. Through various meditations and connection activities with others, I was able to become fully peaceful and alive in the present moment. I felt such joy and love throughout the weekend thanks to the open and kind atmosphere created by Lucia. If you are nervous or unsure about attending an event, just do it!!! You will love it and leave refreshed and inspired. I feel a kindness to those who used to stress me out, and see the world in a softer, more loving light. Also, I used to be very scared of my sexual self, but Lucia helped me realize that this is a beautiful part of who I am, and should be respected and cherished.

H. Public School Teacher who attended our Tantra Weekend Retreat.

Lucia gave me the most incredible massage, one of her many gifts she has to offer. I felt she was extremely attentive and was considerate of my needs, very professional. I would highly recommend Lucia for a delightful therapeutic massage.

Daniel C.

Lucia is a true professional and excellent therapist.  Very much recommend. Easy to talk with!

Dave P.

I have experienced the pleasure of massage therapy with Lucia. She's attentive to what "you" need, and varies her touch to chase out tensions without discomfort. My massage was amazing and I wouldn't change anything. It was so nice to finally find a massage therapist that really goes out of their way to make you feel valued and important.  Thank you for such an amazing treatment. You are an incredibly intuitive and talented practitioner.

David K.

Lucia is amazing!  She has magical healing hands and is very skilled with deep tissue and energy work.  I came in a lot of discomfort and left in bliss. Looking forward to another session with her!!!

Joshua K.

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