Integrative Reflexology

Are your feet in pain?

Do you feel like squeezing your feet to let go of the pressure and release swelling?

Integrative Reflexology sessions are a combination of ritual, somatic awareness, tantric practices (breath, sound and movement), shamanic practices, energy healing and power of intention (Golden Alchemy).


"Reflexology, also known as zone therapy or acupressure, dates back to ancient China and Egypt, and is documented in ancient medical texts as far back as 4000 B.C.E.. Similar to acupuncture’s potential benefits and methodology, reflexology uses pressure rather than needles to activate points and organs throughout the body to relieve pain, stimulate circulation, and bring balance to the bodily systems.

The Potential Benefits Of Reflexology Are:

Increased immunity
Improved energy
Eased stress and anxiety
Pain relief
Circulation stimulation
Reduced blood pressure
Congestion relief
Internal organ stimulation

The practice of reflexology follows the meridians – energy lines or channels that map the entire body. Each organ corresponds with different channels which can be accessed through different points on the body. There are fourteen major channels of the body, and when it comes to reflexology, over two thousand points throughout the body.

Though acupressure and reflexology can be practiced anywhere on the body, it is common to do so on the hands, ears or feet, where the meridian channels end and all come together. Concentrated in these areas, we can access every organ and system on the body." Source and Full Article at




60 minutes $150

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