Prana Sync Healing Massage

Prana Sync Healing is an empowering healing modality which aims at awakening the individual's inherent capacities to manage stress and balance support of body and mind. PSH has proven to effectively help in many ways to:

-Relax the mind

-Rejuvenate the Skin and the Whole Physical Body

-Relieve from all sorts of Aches and Pains

-Increase Energy & Vitality

-Build Strenght, Stamina and Endurance

-Boost Inmunity

-Release Emotional Blockages

-Promote Mental Clarity, Clear Perceptions & Increased Awareness

-Soothe the Senses

-Promotes Deep Rest and Sleep

-Release Toxins from the Body by Activating the Lymphatic System

-Enhance Blood Circulation

-Regulate the Flow of Prana or Life Force

PRANA is the invisible life force which makes possible all physical expressions and functions. It is also known as the energy field that bridges the physical and mental fields.  In order to restore balance of body and mind, blockages from the pranic field created by unprocessed impressions, must be released.

In the same way, this release is essential to counter the multiple symptoms of stress from tense muscles to anxiety, depression, insomnia, irritability and excessive consumption of drugs and stimulants.

Through a series of specialized therapies within a PSH session, the Prana or life force is recharged to restore the mind and body balance and synchronicity.

A typical PRANA SYNC Healing session lasts between 60-120 minutes and includes several-or all- of the following therapies:

- Foot Bath- with salts and essential oils.

- Hand Massage

-Generous Full Body Herbalized Sesame Oil Application

- Specialized Strokes on the oiled body aimed at restoring proper flow of Prana, nourishing and hydrating the skin and the nerves, activating lymph drainage and removing the toxins from the body.

-Pressure Point Techniques to release blockagesat the physical, mental and emotional levels.

-Sinus Treatments through inhalation of herbalized nose oils to clear the impurities within head, face and neck areas.

-Ear Oil Treatment to clear impurities in the ear.

PRANA SYNC HEALING provides the necessary tools for a complete healing experience!!!


90 minutes -$200

120 minutes- $300

Nuna Holistic Retreat Center 

2250 Gulf Gate Drive, Sarasota FL 34231

(941) 777-0490

MM 36928

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