Javier Lopez

Certified Yoga, Meditation Teacher, Ayurveda Practitioner and  License Massage Therapist.   MA87182

Javier has been involved in the Health & Wellness and Personal Development niches for over 25 years. After surviving two cancer surgeries in his late teens and specially considering the lack of sufficient preventative advice during his disease process at the time, he felt a deep responsibility to take matters on his own hands and rebuild his health. Experiencing improvement in his health after adopting vegetarian diet, he became convinced that nutrition played a key role to reversing and preventing chronic disease as well as maintaining optimum health. His personal journey took him to a number of alternative medicine systems. After completing his BA in Philosophy and Modern Languages from the University of Puerto Rico, which included Pre-Medical studies, he went to Munich, Germany and studied Naturopathy. During this time, Javier applied some of the main systems of healing, such as Raw & Living Foods, Macrobiotics, Vegetarianism, Veganism; as well as Herbology and Homeopathy. As healing happens in body and mind, Javier got introduced to Yoga and Meditation. From this path, he adopted the system of Ayurveda as the most complete, beneficial, practical and lasting approach to optimim health.

As a Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Ayurveda Practitioner & Therapist, he founded and directed his own Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda Center in Puerto Rico for 10 years. Moreover, his professional career has taken him to different parts of the world, like Germany, India, Canada, Bahamas, Mexico, New Mexico, California & Colorado, where he has lived, worked, created centers and Ayurveda clinics, offered consultations and coaching services, yoga teacher training courses, meditation retreats and workshops on Ayurvedic cooking and nutrition.

Javier's mission in life is to promote joy through sound integral health.

Nuna Holistic Retreat Center 

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