Integrative  Bodywork

Integrative Bodywork is simply more than a therapeutic massage.
An unique bodywork experience where mind, body, heart and soul align with your Highest Potential allowing Self-Healing through Self-Love.

Imagine walking into a quiet, peaceful and sacred space to experience healing of your body at a deeper level. Imagine feeling welcomed and appreciated for being you, no judgment of who you are, how you look, or what you are going through. Imagine your everyday ‘monkey mind’ surrendering to silence and experiencing mental clarity. Imagine feeling grounded, in alignment and whole. Emerge feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, invigorated, and full of vitality.

Integrative Bodywork is a powerful tool for self-healing; the power of touch has been scientifically proven to benefit our overall well-being. It can be used as a preventative tool to sustain vitality and strengthen our immune system, keeping our body strong and resistant to illness.

Integrative Bodywork is a unique combination of many healing modalities for mind, body, heart and soul. Because healing happens at both physical and beyond-physical levels, Integrative Bodywork addresses healing at a deeper level. Modalities such as Reiki, Integrative Energy Therapy™, Shiatsu, Cranial-Sacral, Reflexology, Meridian Trigger-Point, Sound Healing, Access Bars, Crystal Healing, Aura Balancing, Chakra Clearing, Meditation, Breathwork, Aromatherapy, Intuitive Touch and Unconditional Love provide a deeper healing for mind, body, heart and soul.

Because you are so powerfully unique, your self-healing process is unique, based on your individual needs. Integrative Bodywork can include Deep Tissue, Hydrotherapy, Structural Bodywork, Lymphatic work, Acupressure, Hot Stone, Cupping, Russian Massage, Sport/Stretching Massage and others.



60 minutes $150

90 minutes $225

Four Hands Massage with 2 Therapists:

60 minutes $300

90 minutes $450

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