8 Primary Pillars of Transformation.

Every coaching session is powerful because we work with a holistic integrative platform, addressing and integrating mind, body, heart and soul. Our coaching practice is founded with the following 8 pillars of transformation to maximize our client's outcomes.

Clarifying Your Direction: We will focus on being clear with what it is you truly want/desire/need in your life, where you are now, and where you are heading. We will also become vigilant to recognize any obstacles or old patterns trying to move you away from following your path and listening to your heart.

Strategizing Your Actions: After knowing where you are and where you are heading, it is crucial we create a sustainable life map, where we will apply systems, strategies, and tools to achieve what we are focusing on. We will become resourceful to find solutions, even when it may seem there are none.  As your coach, my goal is to help you see your blind spots.  Many times we have ideas and dreams in our life, yet we have no clear idea how to execute them.  Here we will brainstorm and discover what else is possible, and create action steps to achieve our goals.

Upgrading Your Skills: You are a powerful being and you have multiple skills available to you, some of which you may not yet recognize or be aware of.  During our work together you will remember, reactivate, and learn multiple skills which you will utilize in many realms (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and beyond). The skills we will work on together are: (a) Emotional Awareness; (b) Pattern Recognition; (c) Breaking the Pattern; (d) Shadow Work; (e) Clear Boundaries; (f) Energy Clearing and Healing; (g) Self Love Rituals; (h) Inner Self Awareness; (i) Body Wisdom Awareness; (j) Energy Activations; (k) Meditation; (l) Mastering Time Management; and other skills which will be unique to each participant.

Optimizing Your Environment: Have you ever tried to create something you truly love on a cluttered, dirty, dysfunctional, and busy space? It is pretty hard or even impossible in some cases. We will work together to remove the distractions and resistance in your life that are holding you back. By clearing and optimizing your environment, you will feel more at ease and empowered to apply all the tools, strategies, and maps you will learn, to attract and manifest what your heart desires. It will be a smoother journey because we will create an environment that feels good and promotes progress.

Mastering Your Psychology: It takes 80% psychology and 20% skills to achieve anything you desire in your life. We have allowed our mind to control our lives and it's time for our heart reclaim its power.  The mind creates crazy stories, leading us to doubt our heart. When we let those irrational thoughts become our core belief systems, we suffocate our manifesting powers. We will work together deeply on mastering our mindsets, meanings, stories, definitions, and language.  We will start speaking the language of creation and love.

Emotional Mastery: How you handle a situation is based on your current emotional state.  The decisions you make from the emotional states you are in will impact you for the rest of your life. Working together, we will become aware of what emotions are truly running your life, and from what empowered or disempowered emotions you are creating your relationships.  You will learn to become emotionally fit and face your life with new emotional awareness and mastery.

Nutrition Alignment: Our body is our earth temple of life for life. The sacred space where our mind, heart, soul, and infinite source lives. This recognition allows us to understand clearly that we need to take excellent care of our body. We will clean, purify, and detox this precious body to allow your true essence to shine through with ease and grace.  By purifying your body, your mindset and emotional mastery will be accomplished with ease.  You will feel clearer and more focused. Your body’s energy and productivity will increase, allowing you to work and focus on what truly matters. During the course of the program, your body will be nourished with what it needs to be in alignment with your alchemical transformation.  By improving and sustaining the vitality of your body, your desires will manifest with more ease.

Vibrational Alignment: Science has proven that we are more than matter, we are also energy. Quantum Physics proves we are vibrational beings. Your state of being, thoughts, and emotions fuel your vibrations. If your vibration is out of alignment and disconnected from your true essence, it’s because your thoughts and emotions are out of focus and confused. Working together we learn to tune in with our alignment and explore what is causing it to be off; and how to get back on track


Are you ready to master your LIFE and experience:

- Alignment with your mind, body, heart and soul
- Clarity about who you are and what you want in your life, relationships, career and soul's purpose.
- Confidence, certainty, self-steem, passion, security, and freedom in your own skin.
- Deeper connection with your body, intuition, and inner wisdom, allowing you to listen deeply to your soul calling.
- Emotional mastery, allowing you to create the life, relationships, business, and social impact you desire, founded on powerful, empowered, conscious and soul-centered  emotions.
- Health and vitality by making time for self-care, pleasure, and indulgence in what makes life delicious.
- Peace in your life by mastering your mindsets, meanings, and reactions to what happens to you.
- Passion to create a life based on what you love to do, be and have.
- Rediscovery of your true essence ~ allowing the real you to come out and play.



Are you ready to master your RELATIONSHIPS and experience:

- Being an amazing lover to yourself and your beloved by showering him/her with your full presence, essence, sensuality, arousal, playfulness and charm.
- Clarity about who you want to be a part of your life and their influence in it.
- Freedom from toxic cycles of emotional abuse and traumas from parents, past intimate partners, family and friends that are holding you back from being your true essence.
- Learn tools and skills in how to communicate, connect and relate with people with ease.
- Success with intimate relationships ~ attracting a partner who aligns with your essence and spiritual evolution; or reigniting the passion and ecstasy in a current relationship.
- Even more success in business and career because intimate relationships are being mastered with ease, excitement, passion, grace and bliss.



Are you ready to master your INTIMACY and experience:

- Awakening of your sensuality, arousal, and pleasure ~ feeling more alive than ever.
- How to express your desires with your partner and the world.
- Freedom from sexual traumas which may be holding you back from experiencing the sexual fulfillment you desire.
- Understanding and becoming aware of your sexual energy and learn how to embody it to further your sexual evolution and mastery.
- Sexual mastery with self and with your intimate partner.
- Sexual healing, or healing of sexual dysfunction.

Final question, are you ready to say YES to yourself?

Saying YES to yourself is the first alchemical portal you will cross through to create the life you desire ~ manifesting love, money, and your life purpose.

Not many people allow themselves to say YES to their alchemical inner work.  Others are not ready to free themselves from what is truly holding them back.

If you have landed on this page, it's not a coincidence. Your heart and soul know you are ready and we are here to help you.

Our coaching and programs are not for everyone.  They are created and developed for those who are eager, hungry, and committed to transform their life, reignite their creative power, reawaken their orgasmic infinite self, reactivate their sacred sexuality, and experience conscious partnerships.



Online experiences includes coaching, intuitive readings and energetic alignments via phone or video call (Zoom/Skype). Upon request, video calls can be recorded.

Single Session
60 minutes $200

6 Weeks Coaching Program
6 - 60 minutes sessions = $1,150

3 Months Coaching Program
12 - 60 minutes sessions = $2,300

6 Months Coaching Program
24 - 60 minutes sessions = $4,500

All packages include unlimited email support, resources (videos), and at completion a follow-up email and call for extra support.

Inquire about our in-person coaching and somatic programs and retreats!

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