Solar Plexus (Abdominal) Massage and Womb Healing

Solar Plexus Massage is one of the most healing and powerful massages you can experience, yet you may not find many places in town (or none) that offer them.

The abdomen contains all the digestive organs, including the stomach, small and large intestines, pancreas, liver, and gallbladder. These organs are held together loosely by connective tissues (mesentery) that allow them to expand and to slide against each other. The abdomen also contains the kidneys and spleen. Many important blood vessels travel through the abdomen, including the aorta, inferior vena cava, dozens of their smaller branches, and two sexual nerves nobody talks about: Femora branch of genito-femoral nerve and the Genital branch of genito-femoral nerve . In the front, the abdomen is protected by a thin, tough layer of tissue called fascia. In front of the fascia are the abdominal muscles and skin.

Benefits of Solar Plexus Massage:

- Helps to tone and strengthen the muscles located in your abdomen.
- Increases blood flow within the abdomen to increase oxygen to the organs.
- Relaxes tension in the muscles surrounding the colon.
- Helps dislodge built-up fecal matter from intestinal walls.
- Stimulates the body’s natural detoxification process.
- Releases emotional tension and invites emotional balance.
- Opens up energetic blockages located at the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras.
- Increases sexual wellbeing in all genders.
- Aids in restorative sleep
- In females, Aligns the uterus and pelvic bone to their proper positions.
- In females, Regulates menstraul cycle.
- In females, Reconnects to their sensuality and sexual-essence.
- In females, Increases body awareness and empowerment.
- In females, Promotes hormonal balance.
- In females, Reduces chronic pain.
- In females, Improves lymphatic circulation and drainage.
- In females, Removes toxin build up.
- In females, Invites healing from sexual trauma.
- In females, Supports healthy circulation to the reproductive system.
- In females, Releases stagnant and/or negative energy held in the reproductive organs.
- In females, Tonifies the uterus.
- In females, Softens and strengthens tissues.
- In females, Boost Immune System.
- In females, Minimizes the appearance of stretch marks and scar tissue.
- In females, Eases abdominal cramping.
- In females, Relieves the more powerful sensations of menstraution.

Also available to men.


60 minutes $150

As part of your session you receive: aura/prana energetic work in specific areas of distress such as feet (Grounding Chakra), lower back (Sacral Chakra), upper back/chest (Heart Chakra), neck (Throat Chakra) and occipital/crown (Third Eye/Crown chakra) and Crystal Bowls Sound Healing.

*Resources: WebMD, Dr. Edward Group at GHC and Frugally Sustainable Blog

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