Blissful Awakening

A conscious healing experience to awaken your creative power and manifest your deepest desires and dreams.

If you have landed on this page, perhaps something within you has been waiting for you to be committed, willing, and able to live at your fullest expression.

Maybe you feel stuck, confused and powerless to let go of what has actually caused you to:

  • be disconnected from your power,
  • attract unpleasant and/or abusive relationships or none at all,
  • lack intimacy, passion, and Eros in your life,
  • experience emotional and/or sexual trauma,
  • experience illness, or physical dysfunctions,
  • be disconnected from your sensuality and pleasure,
  • be financially stressed and/or living in scarcity mode,
  • have no conscious boundaries,
  • lose yourself and forget who you truly are,
  • be out of alignment with your authentic truth.

If you have landed on this page it is because you have heard your soul's invitation to awaken and remember your fullest creative expression; and we are honored to help co-create such an incredible journey of transformation, alchemy, and Self Mastery.

Blissful Awakening Offerings are custom, personalized experiences where we create a sacred and safe space for you to explore what is keeping you stuck in the mud and stopping you from experiencing the freedom, love, health, abundance, vitality, creations, intimacy, sexuality and purpose that you truly dream of.

Blissful Awakening Offerings are integrative therapeutic experiences that address all dimensions of your being such as: the mental vibrational body, emotional vibrational body, physical vibrational body, sexual vibrational body, transgenerational energetic cords and imprints, past life energetic memories and imprints, celestial energetic realms and their contrasts, inner aspects, inner child, and shadows.

Blissful Awakening Offerings use a variety of therapies, tools, techniques, and processes to treat the individual as a whole; such as Coaching, Integrative Body Dearmoring (Emotional Somatic Bodywork), Integrative Energy Therapies, Reiki, BioNeuroEmotional Therapies, Tantric Therapies, Access Consciousness, Nonviolent Communication, NLP, etc. We are constantly training in new powerful modalities, so this list grows every 6 months.


There are 3 ways to experience a Blissful Awakening Offering. Any of the following offerings will be created to address your personal awakening journey.

One) Blissful Awakening Introductory Cycle: consists of one 3-hours in-person* coaching/therapeutic session, and one 45 minutes online/phone* follow-up coaching session. Investment $875

Two) The Blissful Awakening Program: consists of a series of multiple cycles:

  • 3 cycles experienced in 3 months - includes email support. Investment $2,500 (save $125)
  • 6 cycles experienced in 6 months - includes email support. Investment $4,950 (save $300)

Three) The Blissful Awakening Retreat: A more exclusive and intimate experience, it consists of a series of cycles in a matter of days, with one 1-hour online/phone follow-up coaching session after the retreat. Details are discussed during your complementary discovery call, since each cycle can have up to 6 hours of in-person sessions with a day off in between cycles to relax and integrate.

Retreat locations:

  • Sarasota, Florida
  • Experience Blissful Awakening at the luxury of a five star hotel. **lodging, meals and transportation are not included in our fees.
  • If travel to your location is available, additional fees will be added to cover traveling expenses and time.

** Cycles are custom experiences designed according to your needs.

We are so excited to welcome you and work with you to help you awaken into who you truly are and how you desire to live in this world.


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if you would like to explore if Blissful Awakening is for you, and which offering may be a great match for you.


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