Awaken to Nirvana – An Ayurvedic Yoga Experience

In order to deal with the many complexities and distractions which may rob our physical health and clarity and peace of mind in our lives, the solution most often lies into gracefully going 'back to basics'. Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology are time-proven sister sciences derived from the Vedas, mankind's oldest source of knowledge. They address the cause of disease and provide
plenty of practical tools meant to be employed in a synchronized fashion for an individual's approach to healing. These tools include, but are not limited to food therapy, lifestyle management, bodywork, yoga, meditation and mantra practices, herbal remedies, aromatherapy, sound therapy, color therapy and gem therapy. The key to these sciences's perennial existence lies in their adherence to the universal laws or laws of nature and the acknowledgement of the source of harmony, health, beauty and happiness. Empowerment,
radiant health, peace of mind and freedom come as a result of connecting to these principles.


Personalizing the healing process is a uniqueness that Ayurveda brings to the holistic field of health. People are different and need to be treated individually. Ayurvedic healing works on the level of the five essential elements -ether, air, fire, water and earth-, which are the subtlest aspects of life and the foundation of all matter. Just as a strong foundation supports a strong building, when the five elements are strong and balanced in a person, they will automatically
balance all the physical levels. Ayurveda follows an all-inclusive approach , seeking the cause of illness and restoring balance from the elements without isolating parts of the human anatomy, physiology and biochemistry. Food therapy, practical lifestyle management and herbology are used in synchronicity as protocols of treatment.


Vedic Astrology also means 'JYOTISH' or 'INNER LIGHT'. It basically reveals one's inner Divine light. Vedic Astrology has been a solid tool for self-knowledge as it 'brings the light amidst darkness and confusion' in our lives and offers multiple therapies, so people can take control of their lives and promote healing. As the universal law of resonance states 'as it is outside it is
within'. In the same way, the vedic sages stated that the planets represent forces in the macrocosmos that resonate with our own physical and psychological planes. A vast science based on complex mathematical calculations correlating the position of the planets with the person's time, place and date of birth, Vedic Astrology can reveal many unsolved inquiries about our existence and life purpose.


There are 2 ways to experience Awaken to Nirvana – An Ayurvedic Yoga Experience. Each offering will be created to address your personal awakening journey.

Awaken to Nirvana Introductory Cycle: consists of one 3-hour in-person therapeutic session, and one 45min online/phone follow-up coaching session with email support. Investment $875

Awaken to Nirvana  Programs: consists of a series of multiple cycles:
- 3 cycles experienced in 3 months. Investment $2,500 (save $125)
- 6 cycles experienced in 6 months. Investment $4,950 (save $300)
**One cycle is experienced every 2-3 weeks**

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